Tips to make your website stand out.

With millions of businesses adopting online presence, it’s imperative that your website is able to make a strong impact on potential customers;

  • Use an individualized Domain name

If you want your business to come across as experienced and trustworthy, consider getting an individualized domain name, that is, one that does not include your website provider (e.g., instead of

  • Use professional photos and photo editing

Quality images on your homepage or online store play a major role in enticing consumers to choose and purchase a product online.

  • Ensure faster navigation speeds

High resolution images are one of the things that slow down navigation on a website due to their usually large sizes. In this case you can use compression software to reduce the size of your images before you upload them.

  • Ensure good grammar of your copy

First impressions seal the deal, remember? Make sure your website visitors are not greeted with grammar mistakes in your website copy as this can put them off fast. Ensure to have a skilled copy writer on board or even make use of tools like grammarly to eliminate grammar mistakes.

  • Make navigation on your website easier

A few tricks to make navigation on your website easier can include; ensuring fewer number of steps and pages the customer needs to pass to complete the purchase, making sure that the navigation bar and Call to Action (CTA) buttons clearly state what is found in that section or what will happen after clicking the button and Making sure that it’s simple to access your shipping rules, return policy, and contact information.

  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly

With the increased use of mobile gadgets most users will expect your website to look equally good or better on a mobile device than its desktop version so in that case use mobile responsive web design.